Where’s your Digital Blueprint

Gateway Digital is about thinking, planning and deploying future now. To enable digital enterprise, we create smarter business models, growth strategies and integrated experiences for your customers through our deep digital expertise, services and technologies.

Transform People.

Consultancy: From Legacy to Digital
Being digital in essence is being human. Transformation inside the organisation means knowing to uncover actionable insights from the user data generated; and how to improve, model your service, products and experiences.

Transform Work.

IT Infrastructure: From Silo-ed to Connected
Reinventing and managing your most essential business processes with new ways of working.

Transform Experience.

Operations: From Business Centric to Customer Centric
Re imagine business models, modernize products and integrate customer experiences to drive growth.
T & L
We provide Dynamic Solutions which interact with business and technology connecting customer experiences and journey
Technology Services
We improve enterprise's ability to react with accelerating changes in business environment and improve their return on investment(ROI)
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Digital Services
We align your strategy and organizational goals by creating an organizational blueprint.
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Virtual Product Manual

An interactive Virtual Product Manual for a Glucose Monitoring Device to make learning easier for patients and HCP with a goal to improve user engagement and increase traffic on the manuals and support.


Digitizing Clinical Trials

A SaaS-based solution to track the bowel movements of patients for IBS-Syndrome. The solution is a classic case of robotic process automation focused to eliminate the need of paper-based reporting.


Dealer Quotation Engine

A dealer quotation app to generate quotes for customers. The solution is highly secured and in the latest technology. The app is integrated to PRN Systems and other vendors ERP.


Competitor Analytics Solution

Big Data and analytics based solution that aggregates large scale of car parts data collected from entire Europe to identify positioning in specific zones, vendor information to define best pricing strategy and predict the price of specific parts.


Online Parts Ordering & Management Tool

A tool for parts ordering and management. The B2B portal enables customers to order parts and manage carts.

Transport & Logistics

Connecting Diverse IT Landscapes

We configured, integrated and supported the enterprise service architecture/enterprise service bus and business service orchestration. The solution included dynamic workflows with simplifying complicated manual process.

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