Blockchain Application Development Services

Blockchain - the heart of digital transformation, is a secured, flexible, and encrypted digital shared ledger that manages contracts and financial calculations and links automation and applications.

Gateway Digital boasts of qualified Blockchain developers having a complete know-how of Blockchain Application Development. Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of client requirements and craft flawless, business-centric Blockchain apps. Resolving the potential challenges and achieving secured business processes just got easier!

Blockchain Development Services at Gateway Digital

Ethereum Development

As a Blockchain Development Company, Gateway makes the most out of Ethereum for developing smart contracts and distributed applications. These apps are customized, secure, and are built after keeping your business demands into consideration.

Hyperledger Development

As a part of our Blockchain Development Services, we develop hyper ledger applications that enable the business owners to save on time and finances. With the help of these apps, you can streamline all the areas of your business with ease.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Building swift, efficient and high-quality cryptocurrency exchange development solutions is our forte. Our bitcoin developers offer you with secure applications so that you can have transparent and reliable transactions with your customers.

Supply Chain Development

As one of the best Blockchain Services providers, we offer supply chain solutions that help you to conduct supply chain management effortlessly. Through our supply chain management software, you can get rid of problems like raw material purchasing, marketing goods and reduce extra costs.

Industry Use Cases

Automotive: Track and transfer of ownership, and delivery of goods and services without the need for intervention

Education: Data Storage around assessments, degrees, transcripts, etc.

Supply Chain: Allows a transparent process for shipment tracking, deliveries, and progress among other suppliers

Government: Manages personal identity information, criminal backgrounds and e-citizenship authorized by bio-metrics

Energy: Decentralized energy transfer and distribution are possible via micro-transactions of data sent to the Blockchain

Retail: Tracing of transactions, bills of lading, etc. on Blockchain

Healthcare: Data warehouse for electronic medical records, accessed and uploaded via Biometrics

Travel & Hospitality: Data storage of authenticated travel-ID on the Blockchain